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Living and working in Frankfurt

Have you ever experienced a business tour to Europe or Frankfurt specifically? If yes, then it will not be long until you understand that behind the glittering facade of this town’s high tech buildings and banks, then this Hessian hub is concealing an entirely different facet that you will come to appreciate in almost no time. Frankfurt rated third at the Mercer Quality of Life poll for great reason.

What kinds of businesses you can see?

The renowned Frankfurt skyline is itself an indication that the town is among the planet’s most important financial centers. With more than 300 banks and much more skyscrapers than any other European city, it is no surprise that Frankfurt feels like such a major town, and is famous for its residents by the marginally highfalutin nickname “Mainhattan”. As a result of the city’s crucial role in the market, operating in Frankfurt is not just attractive for people in the financial industry. Here, salaries are 12% higher than the national average, so it is not surprising that each day, the Hessian city welcomes more than 360,000 commuters, especially from the earnings and IT businesses, turning it into a million-strong metropolis.

The business hub and popularity

After the closure of business, when commuters made their way home along with the inhabitants of more than a million has dropped to around 750,000 visitors plus inhabitants, the town’s more relaxing side comes to the fore: in Frankfurt, life and work take it in turns. At the conclusion of their working day, businesspeople change their matches for casual wear and match up to store and chat in conventional pubs serving Apfelwein cider — accompanied by regional specialties like “Handkäs mit Musik” (a sort of sour milk cheese), green noodle or sauce. This cozy counterpoint to hectic everyday working life brings the town its distinctive charm and higher quality of life. 

This leaves this metropolis a place filled with contrasts. From an architectural standpoint, the traditional and the contemporary move hand in hand: modern window-studded high-rise buildings satisfy historic buildings and attractions. Past the financial district, a few pieces of Frankfurt have a village feel, with enchanting half-timbered homes, small cafés, tons of green area, and exceptional Hessian culture. Your work-life balance is ensured in Frankfurt.

Living and working in Frankfurt has far more to offer than appears at first glance. Underneath the flourishing financial metropolis, you will encounter hot Hessian hospitality — a civilization that is certainly worth getting to know better!

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